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3M CP3N CS/CN Gas Mask Filter

These canisters are NIOSH-approved for respiratory protection against CN, CS, and as a P100 particulate filter. Canisters may be used for exposure to tear gases and pepper spray during riot and crowd control operations. Used standard 40mm NATO thread...
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40mm-12Ga Shell Adapter

This billet aluminum adapter allows the user to discharge 12Ga training shells through their 40mm launcher for training purposes. The Adapter is machined from billet aluminum here in Ontario. Lamperd Part # L-40-SA
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Lamperd Less Lethal 37mm Launchers

With engineering innovations that have made Lamperd Less Lethal a leader in the force technology world. Lamperd Less Lethal is pleased to announce its new 5 plus 1 shot 37 mm Less Lethal Multi Launcher and the 40 mm Distraction Device Launcher. These new...
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