Tactical Teacher’s M14 Builder’s Class 23-FEB-19

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Course curriculum from Tactical Teacher on their M14/M305 clinic. 

“- Tools for tweaking, tools to avoid, tools that are nice to have but expensive, tools that are overrated and too expensive

- Gadgets that are nice to have, need to have, and useless to have (but I had to buy it to show you)

- Tools that you can make yourself instead of buying, tools that you can have buddies (owe you favors) make up for you

- Stripping the boomstick (you will be surprised at what I can show you)

- YES we will try to pull your rear sights apart, and then get serious with them

- Assembling the boomstick, and what to look for so that worthwhile tweaks can be or should be made

- Tweaks that work, tweaks that don't work, expensive tweaks so yer dick does not fall off

- Useless tweaks unless you have more money than shooting ability (many stories to follow at the clinic)

- Common pitfalls, expensive tweaks that work, more ways to ensure that yer dick don't fall off

- Lunch and then tweaking in the afternoon to tighten up your prized M14

- Lots of networking and socializing all the time. This is priceless.

- I am Set up to do indexing....have my large hitch”


$60 to Tactical Teacher can be paid the day of at our facility. Bring your own rifle, or you can work on ours.


Special giveaways from S&J Hardware and M14.ca