S&J Hardware AR500 LIV 10x12” Rifle Plate Set

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These plates are 100% Canadian made AR500 PLATE, heat treated formed, HTSR, and coated with BASIC anti-spall treatment. 10X12 AR500 LIV. 

This base AR500 plate is a custom blend to our spec to get the correct heat treatment and temper. The plate will stop up to 7.62 nato 150gr ball, 7.62x39 and 5.56 NATO multi-strike.

Anti-spall coatings reduce or eliminate fragmentation of the round and the plate from radiating out from the strike and into your neck, face and arms. This spall can be very damaging and life threatening. Plates without anti-spall will not keep you in the fight.

10X12 AR500 LIV. Set of 2 plates.