Remington 870 Less Lethal, S&J, Cerakote, Magpul, DLC

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Remington 870 Less Lethal 


Older Pattern 870 Express Magnum receiver. Receiver was drilled & tapped for Factory-spec receiver rail pattern, polished for a smooth action, and coated in Cerakote along with new factory barrel and magazine tube extension. Fitted with Magpul hi-viz furniture, and a full complement of Canadian-Made S&J Hardware accessories.



• 870 Express Receiver

• Factory Express 18.5” Cyl. Pedestal Bead Barrel

• Factory Wingmaster Metal Trigger Group

• Tactical Grey Cerakote Finish

• Magpul SGA Hi-Viz Less Lethal Furniture

• S&J Hardware +2 Magazine Tube Extension

• S&J Hardware Jumbo Safety

• S&J Hardware Hi-Viz Magazine Tube Follower

• S&J Hardware Receiver Picatinny Rail

• S&J Hardware Police-Spec Magazine Tube Spring

• Fluted Bolt

• Bolt Group polished & coated in Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC). 

• Receiver drilled & tapped for factory spec rail pattern