Norinco NP34 9mm

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Identical to the Norinco NP-22 ‘P226 Type’ pistol in nearly every aspect except its size, the Norinco NP-34 ‘P228 Type’ pistol is the more compact version of the P22X series pistols. Its reputation for reliability and accuracy is no less impressive than that of its bigger brother, the P228 design being a favourite of military operatives and law enforcement professionals. It is issued to U.S. government agents (ATF, Secret Service, CID, DSS, etc.) among others. Now, thanks to North China Industries, this premier auto pistol is now available for a fraction of the cost of its European made counterpart! The NP-34 shares the same features of its bigger brother the NP-22: forged steel slide, lightweight alloy frame, ergonomic wrap-around grips, chrome-lined barrel, decocking lever, firing pin block, double column magazine three dot sights and more.