Mesa Tactical LEO Telescoping Stock Conversion Kit - Remington 870

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Mesa Tactical’s Telescoping Stock Conversion Kit replaces the standard buttstock with an adapter that accepts AR style collapsible stocks and pistol grips. LEO® conversion kits have a stock height that allows use of open or bead sights.

  • Adapts AR-15 style buttstocks and pistol grips for use with Remington 870.
  • Adjustable length-of-pull (LoP) to fit shooter’s stature or for use with body armor and other equipment
  • Optional Crosshair™ Hydraulic Recoil Buffer reduces felt recoil by up to 70%
  • Gives the shotgun similar handling characteristics to the AR-15
  • Collapsible stock makes shotgun easier to stow, transport and deploy
  • Pistol grip configuration allows increased control and user comfort
  • Sling attachment points included
  • Optional SureShell® aluminum carriers can be added to the M4 SOPMOD buttstock
  • No gunsmithing required
  • Made in the USA; Lifetime Warranty

Adapter ONLY. Does not include buffer tube, grip, stock, etc.