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Beans Certified Organic and Free Trade - sourced from Mexico. Its a Dark Roast but do not be fooled. The smooth taste to this blend is as easy as putting pants on and will keep you coming back for more. The Original Brew, A.K.A, First coffee put out by us, A.K.A #payup #itsastickup #thiscoffeeissick.


HA!... Ball "Gazer"! Yes, we're immature, and we caught you looking.  That's two punches for us, but don't worry this delicious medium blend won't trick you, it'll punch you right in the flavour maker. Recommended use for long range days, late night patrols, or by God before early morning group physical training.


Whether at home sitting on the couch being a lazy sack or brewing up in the patrol base at zero dark stupid. "Cleared Hot"  Espresso Blend Coffee is going to smoke check your taste buds with its dark roast and bold flavour; like a 2000lb JDAM smashes its target...with a BANG!! 


Sourced from Guatemala.  A good choice for your post-afternoon nap, it smells delicious and tastes as such. We dedicate this brew to all the  Spouses and Families of Soldiers, Cops, Paramedics and Fire Services that are waiting patiently for their loved one to return home safely each day. We raise a brew to you. Thank you. You are the reason they can do what they do. You are the home they will not fail to protect.