A.C.T Glock 9mm & .40 Magazine Base Pad

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Suits ALL Glock® factory pistol magazines in 9mm or .40

Weighing 3.2oz

Anodised black aluminum base pads that allow faster reloads, easier withdrawal from pouches, faster and smoother mag drops.

Tested & proven to make your reloads more efficient and consistent. They are shaped to make your magazines easier to grip, faster to strip, and the added weight makes the magazine drop easily.

When used with an aftermarket magwell, it allows you to slam the mag in with less effort.

Perfect for IPSC Open Class.

• Works perfectly with all popular magwells
• Works with Kriss, JR-Carbine and other platforms that utilise Glock mags
• Dimples on bottom for easy numbering
• Adds weight so mags drop free easier
• Draws faster from pocket/pouch