10x12 Soft Armour Panel, Level IIIA

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S&J Hardware Soft Armour Panel. 
This panel is Multi layer soft Kevlar rated to NIJ 06 Level IIIa will stop up to 220 gr JHP .44 magnum
we have tested this product with 9mm 147gr JHP and 45 acp JHP 230gr from 3 metres with multi hit. At 0 deg and 90 deg.
These can be used to upgrade your LIII hard plate to LIV or as a standalone LIIIa handgun plate.
Due to how we had these made they are stiffer then standard LIIIA soft armor, we also had them coated with a black poly finish, to aid in water proofing.
Finished with a nice thick nylon edge they will fit nice and firm in any plate carrier or vest designed to take 10x 12inch hard armor plates.
  • 100% made in Canada