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Gladius 223/556 1/2x28

CNC Machined from solid 4140 carbon steel bars. The Gladius has a Black Nitrocarburized case hardened finish. Hardened to 70 Rockwell. Muzzle Brake dimensions are 2.400 Long X .875 in diameter. (AMS 2753). Comes with crush washer. LIMITED LIFETIME...
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Maccabee Defense SLR Receiver Set

Maccabee Defense Receiver Set This is for Maccabee’s 2nd production run** *There is no hard ETA on the 2nd production run* Maccabee has stated they will continue production immediately after the completion of the 1st production run. FREE SHIPPING!...
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Maccabee SLR Build Kits

$1,129.99 - $1,569.99
These build kits contain a selection of Canadian-Made parts to assemble your SLR for a truly Canadian Non-Restricted Rifle. Basic Kit Includes: • Maple Ridge Armoury 18.6” Fluted Match Barrel • S&J Hardware Gas Block & Midlength...
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Magpul B.A.D. Lever

Magpul Battery Assist Device (BAD) Lever improves the speed and efficiency of your ability to address both malfunctions and stoppages that require operation of your AR platforms bolt catch. Imperatively, by extending the BAD Levers paddle to the right...