PVD Finishes - AR BCG Complete

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Protect your firearms parts with our high-end PVD coatings. Physical Vapour Disposition coatings are ultra-thin (between 1-4microns Approx.) and have hardnesses far greater than any other firearms finish on the market.

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) - Black - is our top tier PVD coating, often used as a factory coating on pistol slides and bolt carrier groups.

Titanium-Nitride (TiN) - Gold - is our most common PVD finish, often requested on pistol barrels and bolts, shotgun action bars, and other internal parts for visual contrast.

Titanium-Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) - Copper - has very similar properties to TiN, provides a more subtle contrast with its coppery-colour.

Nickel-Boron (NiB) - Silver - although not a PVD finish, NiB has long been a popular coating for moving parts as it is self-lubricating, and maintains its lubricity with little to no added lubrication.


*Be advised this listing is for the COATING on a BCG, not the BCG itself*


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