Maccabee Defense SLR Receiver Set

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Maccabee Defense Receiver Set 

This is for Maccabee’s 2nd production run**

*There is no hard ETA on the 2nd production run*

Maccabee has stated they will continue production immediately after the completion of the 1st production run. 



Finally, a Non-Restricted Rifle you can build with AR-15 parts.

We’ll be one of the first dealers on the East Coast to make available the receiver sets, and will have a full line of AR-15 parts, Cerakote & PVD coatings, and the expertise to build complete rifles. 

Spare upper receivers are also available.

Pair your receiver set with an S&J Hardware dimpled 18.6” match barrel!

**Deposits *and Payments are Non-Refundable**

SLR sets from Maccabee and build kits/parts from the various Canadian vendors are all on a pre-order, pre-pay basis due to intial production costs for the SLR’s, and the volume from the Canadian parts manufacturers.